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Fundraising Tips

Here are some quick tips and ideas to help you with your fundraising efforts.


Include your family and friends in your campaign – email everyone inviting them to visit your Lights for Kids display and make a donation!

Street Party

Organise a street party so your neighbours can contribute to your Lights for Kids display. You can also encourage them to do a Lights for Kids display of their very own!

Chat with visitors

Go out and chat with visitors who come to see your lights display! Make sure they know you’re fundraising for Lights for Kids and encourage them to donate.

Join our community

Join the Lights for Kids facebook group to share your twinkling lights and dazzling displays, and connect with other members of our community.

Suggested Schedule

Here is a suggested schedule to help raise interest and make the most of your fundraiser!


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Make sure you have signed up via and added your address to the map so we can encourage more visitors to your home display. 

Send out your Christmas cards inviting your nearest and dearest to visit your home. Share on your social media as well! 

Let the Lights for Kids team know if you need anything like fundraising ideas, extra posters or buckets.


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Lights for Kids has officially launched! Be sure to join our Facebook page to encourage more people to visit.

Display your posters outside your home with pride and show your visitors that you’re fundraising for sick kids.

Email your long-distance friends and family, with photos of your display this year. Send them a link to your fundraising page and ask them to donate instead of sending a Christmas card.


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Share pictures and videos of your home on social media and include a link to your online fundraising page so those that can’t visit can still give a Christmas gift.

Now is the perfect time to organise a street party or BBQ so your neighbours can join in and enjoy your Lights for Kids display with you.


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This is the busiest week for Lights for Kids because school holidays have started! Go out and chat with visitors who come to see your lights display so they know you’re fundraising for sick kids and encourage them to donate.

Send us your stories! We love hearing about the visits you’ve had and how your fundraising is going so we can share the Christmas joy with others too.


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You could invite a local choir to join you one evening when you’re expecting a big crowd and add some beautiful Christmas carols to compliment your lights. Or you and your family could do some caroling yourselves!

Bake some Christmas treats like cookies or mince pies and sell these to your visitors for an extra donation.


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Relax and enjoy Christmas Day with your loved ones. You’ve made an incredible difference to seriously ill and injured children across NSW!